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Many of Joon’s ingredients were inspired by founders', Shiva and Kayvon Tavakoli, Persian roots. The idea behind Joon came from early summers spent eating from their grandmother’s kitchen table, while their grandfather ran a spice trading company. The mixture of smells and flavors inspired bright plant-based infusions in the new line with products featuring saffron, rose, fig, pomegranate and other naturally inspired pairings. What resulted was a combination of kitchen and science, and ancient to cutting edge.

Saffron Rose Shampoo & Conditioner

JOON Saffron Rose Shampoo & Conditioner harness the power of modern chemistry and Persian beauty rituals
to restore hair to its healthiest state, hydrating and smoothing the hair strand.

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Saffron Hair Elixir

Harnessing the power of modern chemistry, these
ingredients have been infused into JOON Saffron Hair Elixir to help restore hair to its healthiest state, and give a potent boost of bounce, shine, and all-around hair health.

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